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DOAI Preview

Thank you for your interest in the Discovery Owners Association, Inc., which is also known as DOAI. Since many of our webpages are restricted to members, this web page is meant to give you an "inside look" at the benefits of joining DOAI. Clicking a link will either open a new tab or a new window, depending on your browser preferences.

Click on a thumbnail image below to view a larger image. If the image is fuzzy when it opens, either enlarge in your browser or reset your screen resolution to 1280x1024. Some of the pictures are screenshots of actual members-only webpages, and you will not be able to click any links.

Our goal is to promote the sharing of information and fostering friendship with fellow Discovery motor coach owners. We are a non-profit group, and we are not affiliated with Fleetwood, FMCA or any other group. We depend on member volunteers to make this club work!

The heart and soul of our group are our chapters and rallies. There are currently 10 active chapters covering the US and Canada and there is likely a chapter in your area. Most chapters have a website, and you can click on their link in the menu above, or on the Chapters page. All of the chapters hold local rallies and every DOAI member is welcome to attend any Chapter rally. Chapter rallies are organized by the chapter Rally Master and held at campgrounds convenient to members' homes. Chapters are a great way to meet new friends and enjoy the RV lifestyle. The Chapters page and Next Rally page are open to all, and you can download a list of DOAI rallies nationwide HERE (Adobe PDF file). Want to check us out before you join? Most chapters welcome guests at their rallies, so check out the Chapter website for rally contact information.

In addition, we have Regional and National Rallies:
Regional rallies are a bit larger in scope than chapter rallies with usually at least 100 coaches attending. Due to its larger scope, vendors and suppliers are often present and informational seminars are available for you to attend. Any DOAI member is also welcome to attend any Regional Rally.

Once a year, we have a National Rally and the location rotates around the country. The National Rally is chock full of vendors, seminars, demonstrations, entertainment, and food.

The DISCOVERY EXPRESS is our newsletter. This informative electronic newsletter is published quarterly and contains a wealth of information for the Discovery owner. Click HERE to view a sample issue. This is in Adobe PDF format and the password to open is Express.

Now for a tour of the DOAI website. Many of our webpages are restricted to members-only, but here you will be able to see how helpful the website can be.

There are four prime areas of the website that are of special interest to Discovery owners:

  • The Hints and Tips page
  • The eGroup pages
  • The Bulletin Board
  • The Chat Room

If you have a problem or want to learn about an RV topic, check out the Hints and Tips page. The database is searchable (by members) and topics are listed alphabetically. Click HERE for a depiction of the HINTS page (links and search engine have been disabled).

We also operate the DOAI eGroup which is restricted to DOAI members. eGroup members post to the group via email, and then this posting is emailed to every member of the eGroup and delivered right to your inbox. This is a great way to get help quickly. Past postings are searchable, so you can either ask your question immediately or search for prior postings about your topic of interest. Click HERE to view a sample of the eGroup.

The DOAI Bulletin Board is another way for members to share information. Here we have a wide variety of topics where you can ask advice and get answers on anything from your engine, chassis, coach, computers, or campgrounds, just to name a few. The Bulletin Board is somewhat more formal than the eGroup, but it is a bit easier to follow topic threads. Note that the Coach topic has 62 pages of postings! (If the image is not readable in your browser, try clicking the page or increase the size or set your resolution to 1280x1024.)

DOAI is a great way to make new friends, learn about your Discovery coach, and enhance your ownership experience and enjoyment of the RV lifestyle. If you still have questions, click HERE for contact information.

To join DOAI, click the JOIN link. Full membership is limited to Discovery owners. Associate membership is available to anyone, but associate members are only allowed access to the Bulletin Board on the website; they do not receive the newsletter nor can they attend rallies.


The DISCOVERY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC, was formed to promote the sharing of information and the camaraderie of fellow Discovery motorhome owners. Membership in the club is limited to owners of Fleetwood Discovery motorhomes.


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