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You can access the DOAI newsletter by clicking on the link below. Each issue has color pictures and hyperlinks. NOTE: these are LARGE files and may take a while to download! They are in Adobe PDF format, so you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (available at to view the newsletters.

A password is no longer required! Instead, the files reside on a server that is not spidered by search engines, so we are able to eliminate the password requirement while still also protecting our member's privacy. To view the newsletter, you can either left click on the link and then choose to open in your default PDF reader program, or you can right-click and save the newsletter to your hard drive (remembering where you saved it) and then open with your favorite PDF reader.

SPECIAL FEATURE - The FIRST ISSUE of the Newsletter!

October, 2023 (Adobe PDF)
July, 2023 (Adobe PDF)
April, 2023 (Adobe PDF)
January, 2023 (Adobe PDF)

October, 2022 (Adobe PDF)
July, 2022 (Adobe PDF)
April, 2022 (Adobe PDF)
January, 2022 (Adobe PDF)

October, 2021 (Adobe PDF)
July, 2021 (Adobe PDF)
April, 2021 (Adobe PDF)
January, 2021 (Adobe PDF)

October, 2020 (Adobe PDF)
July, 2020 (Adobe PDF)
April, 2020 (Adobe PDF)
January, 2020 (Adobe PDF)

October, 2019 (Adobe PDF)
July, 2019 (Adobe PDF)
April, 2019 (Adobe PDF)
January, 2019 (Adobe PDF)

October, 2018 (Adobe PDF)
July, 2018 (Adobe PDF)
April, 2018 (Adobe PDF)
January, 2018 (Adobe PDF)

October, 2017 (Adobe PDF)
July, 2017 (Adobe PDF)
April, 2017 (Adobe PDF)
January, 2017 (Adobe PDF)

October, 2016 (Adobe PDF)
July 2016 (Adobe PDF)
April 2016 (Adobe PDF)
January 2016 (Adobe PDF)

October 2015 (Adobe PDF)
July 2015 (Adobe PDF)
April 2015 (Adobe PDF)
January 2015 (Adobe PDF)

October 2014 (Adobe PDF)
July 2014 (Adobe PDF)
April 2014 (Adobe PDF)
January 2014 (Adobe PDF)

October 2013 (Adobe PDF)
July 2013 (Adobe PDF)
April 2013 (Adobe PDF)
January 2013 (Adobe PDF)

October 2012 (Adobe PDF)
July 2012 (Adobe PDF)
April 2012 (Adobe PDF)
January 2012 (Adobe PDF)

October 2011 (Adobe PDF)
July 2011 (Adobe PDF)
April 2011 (Adobe PDF)
January 2011 (Adobe PDF)

October 2010 (Adobe PDF)
July 2010 (Adobe PDF)
April 2010 (Adobe PDF)
January 2010 (Adobe PDF)

Fall 2009 (Adobe PDF)
Summer 2009 (Adobe PDF)
Spring 2009 (Adobe PDF)
Spring 2009 Supp. (Adobe PDF)
Winter 2009 (Adobe PDF)

Fall 2008 (Adobe PDF
Summer 2008 (Adobe PDF)
Spring 2008 (Adobe PDF)
Winter 2008 (Adobe PDF)

Fall 2007 (Adobe PDF)
Summer 2007 (Adobe PDF)
Spring 2007 (Adobe PDF)
Winter 2007 (Adobe PDF)

Fall 2006 (Adobe PDF)
Summer 2006 (Adobe PDF)
Spring 2006 (Adobe PDF)
Winter 2006 (Adobe PDF)

Fall 2005 (Adobe PDF)
Summer 2005 (Adobe PDF)
Spring 2005 (Adobe PDF)
Winter 2005 (Adobe PDF)

Fall 2004 (Adobe PDF)
Summer 2004 (Adobe PDF)
Spring 2004 (Adobe PDF)

Winter 2003 - 2004 (Adobe PDF)
September, 2003 (Adobe PDF)
June, 2003 (Adobe PDF)
March, 2003 (Adobe PDF)

December, 2002 (Adobe PDF)
September, 2002 (Adobe PDF)
June, 2002 (Adobe PDF)
March, 2002 (Adobe PDF)

December, 2001 (Adobe PDF)
September, 2001 (Adobe PDF)
June, 2001 (Adobe PDF)
March, 2001 (Adobe PDF)

September, 2000 (Adobe PDF)
June, 2000 (Adobe PDF)
March, 2000 (Adobe PDF)

September, 1999 (Adobe PDF)
June, 1999 (Adobe PDF)
March, 1999 (Adobe PDF)


The DISCOVERY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC, was formed to promote the sharing of information and the camaraderie of fellow Discovery motorhome owners. Membership in the club is limited to owners of Fleetwood Discovery motorhomes.


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