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Pseudo 50 Amp for 30 Amp Coaches

This will not really convert your older 30 amp D to 50 amp service as that would be quite a major modification......

However, if you have a washer/dryer in your D, you are probably annoyed that you cannot use the microwave and the washer at the same time. Worse yet, when you are drying clothes, one or both of the air conditioners drop off line.

Well, that problem is easily solved. All you have to do is wire up a 15 amp extension cord to power your washer.

Here is how I did it on my 1998 36T.....

First, go to the bedroom. On the driver's side, you will notice the slightly raised carpet panel that covers the wiring to the rear of the coach. Pry this off - at least on the end towards the wardrobe.

After you have this loose, you will notice that there is a hole right in front of the wardrobe that is plugged with some black rubbery stuff with wires going through it. Remove this rubbery stuff with a screwdriver, very carefully so as not to damage any of the wires. You only have to remove enough of it to get a 15 amp extension cord through. This hole is now accessible in the inverter compartment (towards the front and drivers side).

I purchased a 25 foot, 15 amp extension cord and cut off the female end. From the outside, I ran about 3 feet of the extension cord through the hole in the floor and then into the wardrobe through the existing hole at the bottom of the wardrobe. The remainder of the extension cord is coiled up and stays in the outside compartment with the main power cord.

I installed a new electrical box and duplex outlet on the framing in the bottom of the wardrobe and connected the extension cord to the outlet. Then, I plugged in the washer to the new outlet.

That is it! Now, whenever we are hooked up to electric, I plug in the D's main power cord into the 30 amp outlet and plug the new extension cord into the 15 amp outlet. If a 15 amp outlet is not available, I just plug the extension cord into the service duplex outlet in the inverter compartment which has the engine block heater plugged into it.

Viola!! Even the American Eagle - as it comes from the factory - can't run its washer and microwave at the same time!

-Submitted by Bob Cook


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