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Got a newer coach with a gap between the slide and floor? NoGap is the solution! - $12 / foot

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Starting in 2016 and perhaps sooner, Discovery motorhomes with drop down slides have a gap between the edge of the slide floor and the floor of the coach. This gap is about 2" wide and is right where your chair legs want to be when you are sitting at the table. In addition, continually stepping on the carpet causes the carpet to wear and the backing to deteriorate leading to early carpet replacement. I even know of once person who turned their ankle when they stepped on the carpet over the gap. As a design feature, it's not one of Fleetwood's finest efforts. Many owners have discussed this with REV and although a fix has been promised, no fix is available as of now.

"NoGap" is the solution that Fleetwood SHOULD have implemented. It is a simple solution and can be installed by most anyone with a cordless drill (Phillips bit) or installation will be available. NoGap is a piano hinge and a piece of 1/8" aluminum...the same material as the outer edge of the slide box is made from. When the slide is extended, the NoGap spans the gap and rests on the plastic ramp giving you a flat floor. Your chair can go anywhere you want to put it. As the slide comes in, the NoGap hinges allow it to droop with the carpet. When the slide is fully in, the NoGap is not on the floor. In use, you'll never know it is there except the gap is gone.

Some photos are below. Yes, you can make them yourself but I doubt you can make them cheaper than I can sell them to you unless you have some specialized equipment like I do. If you want to make some for yourself have at it. If you rip off my idea and try to sell them I'll probably be a bit upset. :)

Here are some Youtube videos that show it in operation.

Installation is straightforward and takes less than an hour. The photos below show the process.

  1. Hold the carpet up out of the way with chair legs.
  2. Place the NoGap strips in place temporarily with the screw tips down and the hinge up against the edge of the slide box as show in the below photos.
  3. Duct tape the NoGaps to the slide floor allowing about 1/8" gap between them.
  4. Run your slide in and out and check for anything catching in the first few inches of travel. If there is, STOP, call me and I'll explain how to fix the issue.
  5. Once you are satisfied, run your slide in about 6 inches so any metal filings from installing the screws are easy to vacuum up.
  6. Using the supplied truss head self tapping screws and a battery drill put a screw at each end of the section.
  7. Once all sections have screws at each end, vacuum any filings that are under the slide and then run the slide in and out to verify nothing is binding. The NoGaps will probably not droop straight down.
  8. Install screws in every other hole in the hinge (same as the other side).
  9. That's it. Your carpet may not lay flat if it has been sagging into the gap since the coach is new. This appears to self correct in a few days/weeks. Misting the back with some water may speed this process.
We've done 4 prototypes and those folks will probably add their comments but the only issue seems to be that Fleetwood in their infinite wisdom does not install their floors square to the center line of the coach. This means that some coaches have differences in gap width front to back. Some floors have grout gaps that we may have to compensate for so the NoGap doesn't hang on the tile. The design of the NoGap should compensate but part of the ordering process will be measuring the gap and length. We've discovered that the 44' coaches with drop down slides on both sides are particularity out of square.

The price of the standard NoGap is $12 per foot which includes the screws. Shipping is reasonable and I'll bring to the rallys I attend free. Contact me at Pinkertonk@... for ordering information or with any questions


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