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2016 Fleetwood Discovery 40E - $185,000

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See the standard equipment in this 23-minute You Tube video (copy/paste link): This coach is nearly identical to mine. I will consider a package deal to include my mint, loaded 2016 F150 King Ranch Crew Cab, set up for towing with AF-1 Brake for $220K. Truck valued at $40K; set up costs more than $4K. Coach is in TX until Dec 11, then will be located in CO.

Reasons you should seriously consider THIS over other similarly priced coaches:
  • One-owner coach with one year left on transferrable extended Cornerstone warranty
  • I have ALL records and detailed evidence of routine maintenance since new
  • 21000 lb capacity rear axle replaced with 24,000 lb capacity axle. Original was NOT defective. Adds 3,000 lb to rear axle and gross weight capacities
    • More than $12,000 in upgrades that you don’t have to pay for after purchase:
    • Automatic FIRE SUPPRESSION in engine, gen, inverter, electronics compartments
    • 10000 lb Blue Ox tow bar. Inductive cook top; huge drawer where burner knobs were
    • Amish theater style couch
    • Added pantry space in wine cabinet; electric
    • Fireplace with thermostatic heater
    • Integrated water softener & additional filter
    • Direct TV Traveller Dish
    • Winegard WIFI amplifier
    • TST TPMS with color monitor
    • Sunshade covers for windshield/front side windows and tires – lowers temp inside by 40o and protects tire life
    • Extra 40”x 6’ tray in rear pass-through
    • Propane grill with 12’ & 20’ hoses to coach propane. – no bottles to carry
    • Window awning in full wall slide; ice maker in fridge
  • 2 heat pumps
  • Detailed checklists for everything; Comprehensive owner’s manual for THIS coach, plus almost 300 files – training, information, specs, logs, more than a100 useful links, etc. I will TRAIN new owners, not just a 30-min walk around
  • 2015 and below have AC ducts located outboard on ceiling – they cool the slide tops when traveling. 16 and beyond moved them inboard where they cool coach while under way
  • 2016 and beyond incorporate V-Ride technology – stabilizes rear axle for better handling

Rick Blaher (; call or text: 303/726-2934)


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