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The Midwest Discoverers Chapter is composed of persons that enjoy each other’s company and the opportunity to see wonderful areas of the country through the eyes of other Chapter members. Membership sometime varies but remains about 70 people that enjoy their motorhome travel. The group includes a great cross section America, including some retired and others still active in the workforce. Nine (9) states and Canada are represented in the membership, from Illinois to Massachusetts, from Canada to Florida. There are state of the art farmers, professionals from various fields, persons from fascinating technical backgrounds, from the investment community, banking and a number of other equally interesting occupations. Conversations never lack for topics of interest. It seems someone in the Chapter is always knowledgeable about most any topic under a member might want to discuss.

The Midwest Discoverers Chapter is blessed with members who volunteer to Host the Chapter’s Rally’s. They have found areas of the country that excite them and they want to share their enthusiasm for this area with their friends in the Midwest Discoverers Chapter. As they Host a Chapter Rally, they are aware that not all Chapter members have the physical abilities of walking etc. that others have. Rally activities are planned with all attendees in mind. The goal of all Rally’s is for all attendees to have a great time of learning, sharing new experiences, renewing friendships, and creating memories that will be cherished forever.

Any DOAI member is welcome to join our Chapter. Also, any DOAI member is welcome to join us at one or more of our Chapter Rallies, whether a member of the Chapter or not. Rest assured all are welcome.

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