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NOTE - Microsoft Streets and Trips files are created with the 2010 version. The 2011 version introduces a new file format that is not compatible with 2010. Users of the 2011 version will be able to use the MSS S&T files and also the Megafile. However, MS maintains a 2011 Megafile that is hosted by Laptop GPS World. Although it is only updated monthly, it contains additional pushpin sets. In addition, MS has a blog on Streets and Trips that you may find helpful.

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 Users - Click HERE for the megafile of all pushpins on this site. Also, see the new instruction for importing and updating this file HERE and a short video about this new program.

GARMIN GPS USERS - Click HERE for downloads and instructions for adding all WalMart (WM, SuperWM, WM locations with fuel, and WM locations that prohibit overnight parking) and Pilot Flying J POI's and icons on your Garmin GPS. Note also that additional information regarding WalMart is available by clicking a link in the menubar at the top of this web page.

ICONS - Download the ICON file if you need it for your GPS.

RECENT UPDATES (Reset 1/01/2015)

Escapee Days End (4/12/2016)
WalMart (3/23/2016)
Super WalMart (3/23/2016)
WalMart No Overnight Parking (3/23/2016)
Sams Club (3/23/2016)
Coast to Coast (including Classic, Deluxe, Good Neighbor and Encore) (2/13/2016)
Passport America 2/8/2016
Sams Clubs 1/08/2016
Sams Clubs w/Fuel 1/08/2016
Escapee Discount Parks 1/06/2016
WalMart 1/05/2016
Super WalMart 1/05/2016
WalMart No Parking 1/05/2016
Escapee Days End 12/05/2015
Thousand Trails (10/28/2015)
Miliatry FamCamps (10/28/2015)
Escapee Days End 9/07/2015
Sams Club
Sams Club with Fuel
Walmart w/Fuel
Walmart locations that ban overnight parking
Escapees Private Discount Parks - 1/01/2015


Here is where you can find a lot of map overlay files for your mapping software or stand-alone GPS. Most of our files are RV-related and compiled by fellow SKP?s ? without their help, this project would not be possible.

All files are on the DOAI server, hosted by Fleetwood. All files are zipped, so you will need to unzip them before you can use them.

The file download page contains a column for the email address of the person that is maintaining the file. Please email that person with any changes or new information. Also, there is a README column. Many files have a README file that you should review as it contains information pertinent to the map file.

There are five specific files you can download for each map overlay (such as Passport, FlyingJ, etc):

  1. Delorme Draw Files can only be used by Delorme Street Atlas
  2. MS Streets Files can only be used by MS Streets and Trips (Note 1)
  3. CoPilot Files - Text files for import to CoPilot (Note 1)
  4. Text Files - for use with GPSBabel to convert to other formats
  5. Google Earth for use with Google Earth

Note 1 CoPilot files are text files that can also be imported into other applications

Also, note that app=specific files are created with the latest software versions and may not be compatable with earlier versions - if this affects you, you will need to download the text file and import into your map app.


Microsoft Streets and Trips
Google Earth
POI Management tutorial


GPSBabel is an easy-to-use program that can convert almost any map file from one format to another. If you own a stand-along GPS and would like to use these files, or if you own a different map software program, GPSBabel is for you. Download GPSBabel HERE. Consult your owner?s manual for the type of file your device or program supports for import


Update notifications are sent via email to members of the Yahoo Group escapeeboondockers. You may want to join this group as it is also a great place to get help.

Would you like to contribute a map file or volunteer to update an existing file? Contact Bob Cook.